Scalp Scrubber Shampoo Brush!

$3.50 - $15.97
A Great thing to have. Just scrub scalp when washing your hair all over you will love it. Scalp Scrubbers are Great for Dreadlocks, and all types of hair. Stimulating Blood circulation and promoting Healthy Hair growth. Using a Scalp Scrubber provides the same benefits of a massage, but using the brush while shampooing can also can help your hair. It can remove dirt in your hair and on your scalp, and distribute shampoo and conditioner. It can strengthen the roots of your hair and even the hair follicles.This can leave your hair shiny, soft and clean strong. 

These scalp scrubbers are great for exfoliating the scalp and massaging at the same time.

Good for removing Dry skin, Dandruff build up on the scalp.
 I have used these for years because I always had dandruff problems, now along with the herbal products my scalp stays very clean and at ease.

(Colors & Styles may vary)